تحميل سورس كود تطبيق Story App With Flutter


     Story App With Flutter

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Mobile application has been written with flutter. The REST API is written with PHP Laravel. There is a simple web admin panel where you can add/edit stories and authors.

  • Blocs have been used for state management in Flutter
  • Backend has been written in PHP with Laravel framework
  • Backed by a MySQL database

When you buy this, you will receive the following things,

  • Complete source code for mobile application
  • Complete source code for back end made with PHP
  • My SQL database
  • Documentation for deploying the system

You can find the apk here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/14czWo8xD0Orh9cfMuXH8LsC3SB_tNjnL/view?usp=sharing


The mobile app contains the following features

  1. Beautiful material UI
  2. Users can read and save stories
  3. Users can change the font the size and theme (Light and Dark modes) in the reading page
  4. Users can search stories by keywords and tags

The web admin panel made with Laravel includes the following features.

  1. Insert Authors
  2. Insert Stories with tags
  3. Edit Stories

تحميل سورس كود تطبيق  Story App With Flutter 

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مشاكل لكن لا مانع في حال ذكر حقوق الملكية للمبرمج تقديرا لتعبه , الكود مكتوب بالغة البرمجة flutter 
يمكن العمل على ريسكن للتطبيق ورفعه للمتجر بعد التعديل عليه وتغيير الباكج نيم واسم التطبيق 
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